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Monday, February 8, 2010

My One Word

It is hard to believe we have already flown through January! This year is off to a quick start and as usual I'm running to catch up! I always love the beginning of a new year. There is a unique feeling that comes with it...that of anticipation, renewal, new beginnings and fresh starts. I always feel like I want to wipe the slate clean and start fresh! It is such a great time to take inventory and set goals.

One thing I really enjoy doing at the start of each year is picking my "One Word" for the year. I first heard of this concept through Ali Edwards' wonderful blog three years ago. My word for 2008 was "Create" and that was the year I committed myself to rediscovering my art. Last year I chose "Simplify" due to the big changes our family would be experiencing as we prepared for the arrival of our second child and I begun working toward my newly discovered desire to begin selling my artwork. I feel like I did well with Simplify; I focused on a few major areas such as:

  • my home where I decluttered, purged, rearranged and tried to set up more simple systems and routines. Below are a few pictures of one of my biggest projects last year, my newly redone studio area.

    I purchased new bookshelves and desk and purged a lot of supplies. I keep all of my art supplies here, except for my paints which I currently have in the laundry room off our kitchen. I do all of my painting in the kitchen (near a sink and where there is no carpet). That empty space on the wall above the desk is waiting for a painting that I recently finished. I'll share soon! :)
        The bookshelves hold a lot of my scrapbooking supplies, stamps, art books, and albums. I keep my canvases, collage items, and sketch pads in the white cubes. Our kitties like it in here as well! That is Chloe catching a quick nap.

      • my life by doing my best to say "no" when I really need to focus on other things. There are so many wonderful opportunities out there and different ways to spend my time. I've learned that it is okay to serve or help in some areas, but I don't have to, nor can I do everything!

      • my art by reorganizing and purging my supplies. I'm trying my best to buy only what I need rather than "collecting" art supplies; they can be so addictive!!

      • my ministry by stepping down from some much loved responsibilities.

      I made a lot of headway...but still continue to look for ways to simplify this busy life even more so I can concentrate on and make time for the things most important to me!

      So, my One Word for 2010...oh, it is a good one! One that I need a lot of work on! I'll share in my next post, but in the meantime, do you have a special One Word that you are focusing on this year?!! :) I'd love to hear all about it!

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      I know sports said...

      Jennifer, I love your artwork. My name is Doug , I am in the process of starting a small clothing line for men and women that is based in the Word and its main focus is to put positive and spiritual messages into the world and to hopefully make that "cool" again for our generation and really for the younger ones. There isn't a lot of "goodness" being sent in messages out there today and I am just hoping this may be something that the Lord will bless and use to fight in the spiritual battle that is taking place in today's times. Any way, John 15:5 is one of my favorite verses and I was looking for inspirations in images out there to make a shirt for women and came across your two pieces related to this verse . I would love to use one as the foundation of one of my shirts. I have never really come across a situation like this but I wanted to see what you thought about maybe working out a deal where IF this ever took off , as we are just designing and getting together all of our shirts , jeans, etc. I would cut you in on the profits of that specific shirt where i used your design?? let me know what you think

      feel free to contact me at dhindman@tracesofcredence.com